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Feminine Soul Alchemy Course

Spiral through an unveiling process of healing your body story so that you can evolve into a radiant woman!


Learn to embody the inner power of your womb, ignite your feminine core, and realign your body by unraveling the emotional, physical, and spiritual womb-stored trauma.


I invite you to these feminine practices of healing:


Body mapping, voice.heart.womb activation, breath-work, aligned movement, and ceremony


These embodied teachings will help you connect to your deep core energy, creativity, wisdom, and passion.



  •  3-month Group (online) or

  • Live 3-hour Retreat for Healers, Bodyworkers, Holistic Practitioners.

Goddess Womb Circle 



The circle is a sacred space to speak your truth and listen to your inner wisdom. It is a magical ceremony that’s created with love as you open your heart. Together, they evoke the power healing power to express and create.


“When you heal yourself, we heal others in our community and RISE together.”


Host a women’s circle in your home or ZOOM or as a private event with Susan as your guide!

“Find Grace in Grief Circle”

 with Feminine Soul Collage


Healing is sacred.

Grief is a healing process that will evoke LOVE and LIGHT.

Honor what’s been lost and emerge into your inner knowing.


I’ll guide you on a transformational journey through feminine soul collage. So that you can find your sacred medicine, express yourself, liberate your feminine fire and burn away all your pain & grief..


This process uses expressive arts, journaling, movement, and ceremony so that you can embody the gifts that have been hiding.




  •  3-month Group (online) or

  • Live in-person workshop

Embodied Presence

  • Private 1:1 sessions

  • Course (12 sessions)

Voice-Yoni Connection

  • Private 1:1 sessions

  • Course (6 sessions)

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