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Under the Crescent Moon

Enters the Light

“Grief Tending Ritual”

Restore Your Feminine Temple

with Body Prayer, Movement, and Sound

When women gather, we create magic! We deepen our connection in circles as we honor our voices and inner power.


Our ancestors sat in circles. They gathered to sing, pray, bleed, dance, grieve, and create together. They knew how to practice sacred rituals to help transform grief into love.

Grief is healing.

Grief opens us to love.

Grief holds space in our bodies.

We welcome you to this sacred portal to deepen your body connection:


Honor your womb. Soften your heart. Listen within



Together, let’s remember how to grieve so that we can heal our spirit and restore grace and wisdom for womankind.


We are our ancestors, “Prayer.”

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We meet monthly under the Dark Moon (dates listed below)
Energy Exchange: $33.00

Upon registration, you will receive a confirmation email with the ZOOM Link and details on what to bring.

Presented by
Susan Gala

Ritual Schedule

Grief Ritual will be offered monthly on the following Fridays @ 3:00 pm EST




  • February 9th 

  • March 8th 

  • April 5th 

  • May 10th 

  • June 7th 

  • July 5th

  • August 2 

  • September 6th 

  • October 4th 

  • November 1st 

  • December 27th

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