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Wake Up Your Feminine Energy

The Womb is the portal of sacred energy where women create, birth and manifest desires. So many women feel disconnected from their source. When we connect to our womb physically, energetically, and spiritually, we activate our creative expression and body presence.

I invite you to join my upcoming Masterclass:

Thursday, April 20th
11:30 am EDT




  • The pathways to connect with your inner source of womb power

  • Explore your physical, energetic & spirit body connection 

  • Feel energetic, alive and radiant in your body

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About Susan Gala


Creator, Teacher, Healer, and Storyteller.

Hi, I’m Susan,
I'm a Body Wisdom Teacher, Healer & Performance Artist
I help women connect to their womb power to heal their voice - body connection. So that they can align, balance, and awaken their core feminine energy to live fully expressed with confidence and presence in their personal and professional life.


I have written and performed my one woman show “The Feminine Revolution: Lifting the Veil of Silence.” A true story of trauma, betrayal, and love. To empower women to heal their voice-body story, turn pain into power and grief into love. I AM the voice for women who have been silenced.


Experience my “Feminine Soul Alchemy” process that was born from my personal story from trauma to transformation. (See Offerings) 


It’s time to embody your sacred medicine and root into who you are!

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