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Rise into Radiance

Deepen Your Feminine Core for Embodiment & Presence



Hi, I'm Susan,


I'm a Body Wisdom Teacher, Healer & Performance Artist
I help women connect to their womb power to heal their voice - body connection. So that they can align, balance and awaken their core feminine energy to live fully expressed with confidence and presence in their personal and professional life.


I have written and performed my one woman show “ The Feminine Revolution: Lifting the Veil of Silence.” A true story of trauma, betrayal and love. To empower women to heal their voice-body story, turn pain into power and grief into love. I AM the voice for women who have been silenced.
Experience my “Feminine Soul Alchemy” process that was birthed from my personal story from trauma to transformation (See Offerings).
It’s time to embody your sacred medicine and root into who you are!



"I believe your Womb is the hidden source of power to heal trauma,
find your feminine fire and live with ease & grace.”

My Journey 

I was a luxury Lingerie Designer who lived the high life in NYC. Until my life changed within seconds from a traumatic and painful attack.


I share my story that created busyness, body pain, and emotional numbness. Although I was successful... what I know for sure, I was not living. I was invisible.


Perhaps YOU understand…


What I learned: "My pain was my greatest gift of divine light,” it gifted me confidence, courage and presence in my feminine teachings and performances on stage.


I have a deep knowing of the female body both internally & externally. It all began in my lingerie design career of draping, life drawing, and model fittings. Then, I segued into Pilates and took a deep dive into healing practices where I studied the emotional & energetic female body.


Over the years, I have weaved my studies of healing trauma and pain with various modalities: Womb Energetics, Womb Awakening, Healing Female Pain, Chakra Empowerment for Trauma, Feminine Wisdom Teachings & Massage Therapy.


I've been devoted to Women's' Wellbeing & Vitality for the past 30 years.



The creator in me wanted more..

These days, I courageously took the stage with my one-woman show!


"The Feminine Revolution: Lifting the Veil of Silence." A true story based on Trauma, Betrayal, & Love.. 


My Mission: Empowering women to heal womankind!


I have performed in multiple "Virtual" "Healing Through Story Showcases" and recently performed "The Feminine Revolution” on stage in Hoboken, NJ, and Union City, NJ.


"You put your mind, heart & soul into your presentation. You are elegance personified. You are embracing & unleashing your greatness."


Marifran Korb

"Yourself- expression is beautiful, inviting and full of movement. Truth always needs to be heard. You are helping so many people."


Alley Jean


"You showed strength in transformation. WOW ~ your presence…Your excitement"

Martin Bourke

"You do a beautiful job of evoking.. Invoking moments from healing, change and realization. Moments of transformation with lightness, grace & skill.. Lovely overall"


Paula James


“You are courage personified.“

Melanie Lococo

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