Ancient Wisdom for Women’s Vitality, Well-being and Intimacy

The practice of womb steams have been around for centuries. This ancient ritual is also known as bajos, yoni steams and V-steams. It’s practiced in Africa, Korea, Latin America, Indonesia, and now the US! This gentle and effective practice helps revitalize womb wellness.



  • Nourish and soothe your vaginal tissues
  • Increase circulation and energy flow
  • Tone and detoxify your womb
  • Natural lubricant for intimacy
  • Renew vaginal dryness, assists in healing pelvic pain
  • Supports and helps with postpartum, post miscarriage and abortion, irregular cycles, endometriosis,  uterine fibroids and cysts, hysterectomy symptoms of menopause and the lingering affects of female cancers.


The vaginal tissues are very porous and absorbent more than any other tissues in your body. The natural herbs and flowers used in the steam help nourish the vaginal tissue bringing warmth and comfort. These medicinal herbs aid and assist in detoxing and each herb has different benefits. The soothing energy of the plants offer a womb spa experience reconnecting woman to their feminine energy center.


Dried flowers and herbs are placed in a pot of water to simmer, just like simmering tea leaves. As they steam, the medicinal properties are released from the herbs. The steam releases warm heat to the relax and renew your vaginal tissues. You’ll gently sit over the steamed herbs with a long skirt wrapped in a blanket for 20mins. It feels very comforting.


Womb Steams are not to be used while pregnant, during menstrual cycles, open wounds, sores, internal infection or inflammation, fevers or women who have IUD’s or piercings. Women in postpartum may steam 6 weeks postpartum.


This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure disease. Information is not intended to replace or represent professional medical care or advice. All herbs are organic and prepared with love & honor.


Intimate Gatherings up to 6 women or Private Sessions available.
Experience a nourishing herbal steam, breath work, meditation and a belly massage.

I invite you to experience this feminine self-care ritual.