It’s Spring, a time to rebirth creativity.  The birds are singing and the flowers blooming and I am ready to embody their fragrance.

This photo is my pelvic model that I carry with me for workshops and use in private sessions. It’s such a conversational sculpture that I am stunned that most women do not know what their sacred pelvis looks like or the importance of its function for daily living.

So last week I was a guest on a radio show and I decided to break the ice by displaying the pelvis between the host and myself.  It was the best show I was ever interviewed on.

Since the conversation was brought up again today, I thought we should take a sacred journey into the feminine center.  This is your feminine center, the center of gravity, the seat of your soul, the center where all movement begins.  The center of birth, passion, sensuality, creativity, power and emotion.  The center that is home to your womb.   Wouldn’t you agree that taking care of this beautiful sculpture is necessary for vitality?

n. pl. pel·vis·es or pel·ves


If you know me, you often hear me say there is “Power in your Pelvis.

Whether you are pregnant, postpartum, peri-menopause, menopause or just enjoying the time of your later life…  You should celebrate these beautiful events and tune into the wisdom of this powerful feminine center through movement.

Movement HEALS, it increases the feel good hormone “endorphins.”  Whether it is dancing your entire body or dancing your pelvis into pelvic core exercises to strengthen your feminine center to prevent a leaky bladder, or stretching & releasing to help release trapped emotion or pelvic pain, or for that sensual loving feeling that may have diminished.  The more you can tune into the power of your pelvis the more centered, balanced, aligned and present you will become.  Yes, PRESENT, you will walk with a glow!