f659492d-a5b5-48d0-b9cc-ef3409687bddWelcome into a new year!

What an amazing year this will be. You are probably wondering why the #8 image is on the right. 2015 symbolizes “8” and in numerology it resonates with Manifestation, Prosperity, Wisdom, Movement, Abundance, Wealth and Energy.

This can translate into many ideas. I wanted to share what I am taking from this.

I believe it is time to go deeper into your soul and connect with your innermost wisdom.

I believe it’s time to attune your deep core and own your shadow so that your light may shine.

I believe you need to surrender and let go of what you think you need and allow the unknown to deliver you grace….

In 2015, I decided to create a monthly “Sacred Circle” for women. A sisterhood where women can feel safe and surrender. It’s an evening of nourishment to heal and share your stories without judgment. We connect with Mother Earth, learn to embody the feminine and awaken your passion with simple movement, breath and meditation.

I discovered in these quiet moments the sacred truth is shared. During these inquiries of silence a women can feel deep within her heart to express what her body is holding back. Because she feels safe she can fully embody her womb wisdom and process the emotions and energy that have been stuck.

In a circle of women you can explore a real way of gathering together, being in a feminine flow.. Here you connect into a space of oneness. Embodying with our own energy and each other, a truly nourishing space to melt into your heart and womb.

Together we can create a sacred oasis where we can let go and flow deeper into your personal stories… honoring each other as one.

Do you want to come together and connect with other women The Sacred Oasis door is open. I mentor these practices one-one via SKYPE, GOOGLE+ small gatherings, Teleclass or live in NYC/NJ.

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