8ffea224-1d8d-41bb-8240-2047e27d2795I believe everyday has it’s magic! Look outside your windows and sense the powerful rise and fall of the sun, the magic of the seasons and Mother Earth’s vibrations.

That’s Magic!

By now everyone is rushing to purchase their last gifts, attending endless seasonal gatherings. Drinking too much alcohol, eating food that’s not inviting, dressing up, dressing down. There’s pressure of “fitting” in and accepting every invitation.The need to be “ON” at every gathering. YOU sense the power of other peoples energy taking over. YOU feel you don’t belong.

Are you hiding behind a mask to fit in and feel accepted?

Do you sense the deep need to belong to a sisterhood?

Is your awareness of these feelings stopping you from birthing new dreams? The power of deep rooted emotions arise, the energy of other people affects you and your body feels unbalanced and disconnected.

ASK YOURSELF, Does this bring joy or pain. Do you feel like you need to be someone else?

All of a sudden the season is over..and the ritual of “Winter Solstice” begins the return to the Sun.

We enter the shortest day and longest night with the Solstice This is a time when the “Sun” stands still.

Just because Mother Earth is cold doesn’t mean there’s nothing going on in her roots buried deep in the soil. It’s doesn’t mean it’s time for you to stand still. Especially after all the seasonal gathering, it’s normal to feel the ending of a new year.

During these times take a moment to reflect and give birth of what can bloom in the new year.

I believe it’s timely to share this reflection to invite you to SHINE again and embody your own sunshine!

Prayer of Reflection:
Imagine clothing your sacred body from head to toe in radiant light. A light of energy that feels soothing and flows throughout your body like a warm embrace.

Sit in silence, soften your eyes, listen to your breath.

Inhale: invite light, expand your heart space, let your belly bloom

Exhale:let go of darkness, connect to your heart & womb

Reflect on the sacred silky cloth wrapped around your body, invite the light of love, embodiment and sacred wisdom of the Divine,God or whoever you may want to call in to protect you and heal.

(Repeat several times)



May the breeze of this spiritual season lift your
spirit; the sun brighten your new year, and may
moon of the season glow with the Divine/ God/
God/ess favour in everything you touch!

Love, Peace, Joy….