I have been taking an hour long walk for several years now. There is a deep need in my essence to feel the earth beneath my feet and sense the vibration of Mother Nature as much as possible since I live in a city.

My office is in NYC and I commute by train, Iʼm surrounded by concrete & metal. The energy drain from this environment can be stressful.

Do you walk on concrete, commute in metal trains, work and live in artificial light, and exercise on metal machines? Are YOU balancing family and work, multitasking on iPhones, iPads, computers and answering 100 emails daily, while trying to do everything at once?

YOU must feel physically and emotionally exhausted. Suddenly you are stressed, fatigued, disconnected or maybe you are suffer from chronic hip & back pain from sitting in a chair all day. Living and working in a toxic environment can be exhausting. Stress, fatigue and chronic pain are intimately connected.

Pain is your teacher to look inward.

Think about this. Have you ever felt stressed from a morning walk, bike ride, or a swim in the ocean? Imagine feeling the sensation of grass under your feet, a cool ocean breeze, or the sounds of nature. Do YOU know that your body will respond better when you listen to the rhythms of nature and feel its vibration?

Emotions are vibrations and we constantly vibrate.

I challenge you to take a few moments every day to move your body and listen to its rhythms, and consciously breathe, because movement “HEALS.” Allow your breath to create a vibrational wave up & down your spine. When you sense the natural rhythms of your spine and create movement in your hips your body you will sense freedom and release pain.

Wouldn’t it be profound to awaken your feminine rhythm? Integrate your physical body with your emotional & spiritual center and live a vibrant life?