Do you ever wonder WHY everyone celebrates “Valentine’s Day?” So curious why we think there is only ONE day a year we should embody LOVE. LOVE all begins withYOU and a daily practice of reflections and feminine care.

Fall in LOVE with the deepest part of you. YOUR CORE! It is my honor to help women embody the essence of their presence.

Here are my thoughts….

  • TRUTH: Most WOMEN are uncomfortable with WHO they are
  • TRUTH: Most WOMEN aren’t familiar with heart & core vitality
  • TRUTH: Most WOMEN are too critical of their bodies

Women have lost their idea of what TRUE beauty is. I believe it’s LOVINGyourself inside out, no matter what. It is vital for your health. It is something money cannot buy!

Do YOU agree?

A little bit about BODY-LOVE to bring more joy, pleasure and sensuality to your life!


  1. AWAKEN your body each day with movement! Yes, that’s right. You don’t need music, all you need is to get up and swirl your hips round and round to move energy in your 2nd chakra (sacral chakra). YOUR house of creativity, passion, sensuality and sex. The home of where you birth new beginnings. It will help you open up energy that has been stuck. Go for it, practice it NAKED!
  2. EXPLORE seeing yourself naked in the mirror. YOUR body is yourSACRED DRESS. Honor all of YOU!REFLECTION: I LOVE all of ME!
  3. CONNECT to Mother Earth! Take a walk outdoors barefoot and panty-less. Or just find a quiet spot in a park under a tree! No-one has to know you are not wearing panties. If you are on the East coast stay indoors and during a full moon sit quietly in your home and face the moon in comfortable clothes or a robe panty-less.
  4. SAY “hello” to someone you don’t know with YOUR beautiful smile. Or, give them a warm embrace. When was the last time you hugged a stranger? It’s empowering…
  5. INDULGE in feminine self-love. Schedule a massage, bathe with essential oils, create a foot bath, schedule a facial, acupuncture or bodywork, get a new haircut, purchase a new dress or lingerie, take some dance lessons. EAT CHOCOLATE! Perhaps sip champagne!
  6. EXPAND your HEART. Your heart is directly connected to the energy of your 2nd chakra. When your heart is closed so is your sensuality in the 2nd chakra.REFLECTION: I embody my TRUTH and my heart’s desires.
  7. EnJOY more time with your girlfriends. Friends who lift YOU up! WhoLOVE you unconditionally. WHO are there for YOU no matter what…Get dressed up in a sensual silk dress and make reservations for an afternoon Tea.

This is what I know is true. WOMEN are powerful and YOU have the power to help heal the world. When you make the decision to heal yourself it trickles down to everyone around YOU. Let it begin with LOVING yourself to the COREso that you can expand your presence into the world. That is a true “gift”….