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Tamara MacDowell
Topic: A Spiritual Journey into Releasing Emotional Woundings
of your Sacred Womb so you can Tap into her Wisdom & Power
More about Tamara HERE

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Understanding Your Womb Story Questionnaire

When you download Your Womb Story Questionnaire you will see how much you understand about your Sacred Womb and get a feel for why it’s important for you to understand the Woundings of Your Sacred Womb.

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Maureen O’Shaughnessy
Topic: Recovering Joy
More about Maureen HERE

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Lorin Purifoy
Topic: Healing with Spirit Essences (energetics)
and the Power of our Womb
More about Lorin HERE

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FREE sample of my Sacred Womb Anointing Oil to
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A beautiful blend of organic oils, carefully selected essential oils and intuited Purifoy Spirit Essences (energetics) to Honor and connect to your sacred Womb.Use on both Lunar and Solar (back and front) sides.

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Francine Vale
Topic: Self-Empowerment for Women –
Remember your soul – connect with your Soul
More about Francine HERE

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 “Session with Francine – Angel Healer”

Francine’s gift consists of twenty-minute phone healing/consultation, value $75.
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Dr. Kell Morton Topic: What’s Your Unique Gift, That Humanity
and the Planet Need More Than Ever, Right Now?
More about Dr. Kell HERE

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Dr. Julie Krull Topic: The Soul of Healing
More about Dr. Julie HERE

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Embodying Calm in a World of Chaos: Five Psycho-Spiritual
Strategies for Creating and Sustaining Inner Peace

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FREE EDUCATIONAL REPORT: Achieve inner peace and develop practices to enhance your ability to maintain a clear, calm center that actually keeps the storms of life at bay.

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Regina Huber Topic: Tap into Your Inner Power to
Enhance Your Outer Presence
More about Regina HERE

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Spice up your business presence by connecting to your inner power, your uniqueness, and your delightful self with this printable INNER POWER & OUTER PRESENCE crib sheet.

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Susan Gala Topic: Illuminate Your Inner
Radiance to Live Fully
More about Susan HERE

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FREE Live Fully Discovery Session


FREE 30-minute LIVE FULLY Discovery Session [Value: $189]. Deep inside of you is a sacred space that holds all your wisdom of birth, creativity and passion. Together we can explore these ancient practices in our modern lifestyle to ignite your business, lifestyle and intimacy.

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