Praise For Susan Gala

"I've always liked my body but Susan helped me grow to love it! Susan's work helps release past traumas and shame which in my case and if you're anything like me, disconnected me from my body and stopped me from fully accessing the font of pleasure that lies in my hips and pelvic core. I had no idea what my pelvic muscles looked like. And I can't say that I had much interest before Susan's work. But now I'm thrilled. After working with Susan, I have a much clearer understanding of how my body works. I feel a level of pride and self worth in myself that I have not experienced before. It shows when I walk, when I move, whenever I engage my core. People wonder what it is...but I know and I invite you to find out by working with Susan!"


Amanda Neill , Vienna

“Susan has helped me reconnect to my femininity and sacred center. She is the gate opener to help turn the key to the physical and emotional manifestation of being in your full power as a woman.”

LM, New Jersey

“Susan’s work gently assists the discounted original source of Power: Womb & Heart.”

Dr. Ena Pearl, New York City

“Susan does a wonderful job educating us on the pelvic floor muscles that we need to use, and how to feel them. Thank- you Susan for handling a topic women have a difficult time discussing or finding information about.”

Karen Dombrowski-Sobel,Colorado: Author/Artist/Photographer

Juliana-Angel-headshotJuliana Angel, NYC

“Susan’s work is very profound and shakes up a lot of things that somethings we don’t want to see, accept or recognize. Her work is simple yet profound and has helped me voice my truth. With her work I now sense my strengths, and have become more grounded without fear. I now trust myself to create a life of abundance”


Wendy Martens


“I have been working with Susan for a number of weeks, and I find her message, training and skills enlightening in helping me overcome some real issues with connecting to my Feminine power, releasing money difficulties and reducing pain and trauma in my Sacral Chakra. She is amazing to work with and I feel honored to find such a gifted healer as Susan.”


Roya, NJ author/artist


“At 38 years old I learned to stand, walk, and breathe – in an entirely new way – thanks to Susan! Her enthusiasm, dedication, and most importantly her extensive knowledge of the body have been instrumental in addressing the longtime issues that have inflicted my pelvic system. After a short time of working with Susan, I feel the difference in my posture, breathing, and the changes in my menstrual cycles, which have included less bloating and pain”

“Women, if you EVER have an opportunity to attend a Susan Gala Event, you wont want to miss it! No matter where you’re at when you arrive, you’ll surely leave with your energy raised, your horizons clearer, feeling more empowered, and aglow. . Just to describe in a way that might be familiar to you — the experience is like an intuitive performance art but of a soul and sacred, transformational nature. One you take part in individually and together in a group of Sacred Sisterhood. My experience felt: protected, tender, releasing and relieving, forceful, nourished and insightful, embraced and validated, uplifted, emerged, empowered. Followed with celebrating, fun, and laughter. It was a Blessing! Am told each Event is different. Looking forward to the next Event. . What she offers is so profound, life-altering. Women need this! And they will want it once they know.   Memorable, soul altering. Sisterhood does rock! Amazing people. Blessed indeed! High energy transformation. No matter where how you feel and where you’re at when you enter the Event, one will certainly leave with raised a energy and freer in spirit. Woo.”

Corri Milner

Joan-Merli-Headshot“I had the honor of being a part of a New Moon ceremony led by Susan Gala. While I have participated in circles like this before, my experience of Susan surpassed any other I have had. With ease and grace, Susan wove a beautiful and safe container which provided me the space to become fully embodied. This in turn allowed me to become vulnerable, which in turn gave me a profound experience bringing new life to my spirit. After the ceremony, I felt lighter, brighter and more vibrant in my whole being. Anyone who has the opportunity to work with this wholehearted soul will greatly benefit from her magic and wisdom.”

“I use Testimonial Generator often. Great job, I will definitely be ordering again! I’m good to go. ”

Joan Merli

“I am one of those ladies who is very active, but my lower back pain was excruciating. I managed to get around it and continue to ski, hike, run, and do yoga, but I always had to be careful that I didn’t hurt myself. Every morning I woke in agony. And I had bladder issues which of course was very limiting. I didn’t have much of a love life at all. After working virtually with Susan I have learned about my pelvic floor- Last weekend I spent the entire weekend free of any incontinence issues, little back pain, and a wonderful time with my boy friend- Yes that means lots of glorious, back free to move, sex. I am very excited to join “Embody your Pelvic Power for Radical Feminine Fitness” and can’t wait for the next step of my freedom from back pain while being in complete feminine fitness to be my own personal best”


Grace, Utah

“I cannot say enough about Susan’s kind and skillful approach to helping me heal an area of my body that I was not even aware of! Bringing my attention to the inner workings of my pelvic floor, to the center of my femininity and energy, and in doing so allowing me to identify with the most basics aspects of being female was healing both physically and emotionally. It is obvious to me that every woman I know would benefit from experiencing this basic level of care and respect, and the chance to learn the inner exercises that really make all the difference in every women’s life. My self confidence grew, my awareness about my body and my emotions in relation to my femininity was enhanced, and my technical knowledge was greatly increased. It was almost like a rite of passage as a woman for me to begin to consider finding such peace and strength with my pelvic floor! Thank-you Susan!”


Helen G, Ireland

"When I went to see Susan, I was hopeless. I had been suffering with chronic back and hip pain for over a decade. I had tried massage, acupuncture, physical therapy, personal trainer, yoga, and nothing worked. I hadn't been able to exercise in a couple of years and I was beginning to think this was my life. On our first visit I told Susan I wasn't too hopeful about this working. But she was. That day, I was able to release some really deep seeded emotional pain that I had been carrying around from an incident that happened to me in my early 20's. I was definitely surprised that this happened on the first visit! After just two more visits, some really deep imbalances had started to shift. It was like tectonic plates of the earth shifting and the ripple effect could be felt in all areas of my life. It began what has been about a three month period of deep, deep emotional healing. Susan helped me unlock the stored pain in my body and gave me a way out. I still wonder what it was about her that allowed this to happen and I have to say, she creates a space for ultimate vulnerability to emerge and be honored. I am so happy I went to Susan. Now I am jogging 4 times a week and have started a home yoga practice. My body is getting back in shape and now my body is responsive to other therapies. I feel like a normal person again!"




Susan is a true healer! I have had the pleasure of working with Susan on a couple different occasions and her healing abilities are amazing, pure and powerful. From the moment I met her I could tell she truly cared about her work and her patients. I trust her wisdom and know that she will get results. Anyone who has the opportunity to either hear her speak at an event or work with her personally will not be disappointed.


Sara Khosrowjerdi

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