“Heal your sacred body, it’s the only place you have to live.”

Your female body is a sacred space, the womb is the wisest place. Women’s most profound transformations and pain live there….

Reclaim your pelvic power, the essence of living a nourished and empowered life…

“From Pain to Pelvic Power” is part #2 of my fall masterclass series.

In this “free” masterclass, you’ll DISCOVER:

HOW your body remembers trauma

FIND freedom in your body and tap into your Pelvic Power

LEARN the connection between trauma, emotions, hormones & your brain

And much more….

“From Pain to Pelvic Power” Masterclass


Wednesday, October 31, 2018 at 1:00 PM EST

It’s complimentary.

TRAUMA is real.
It imprints the cells of your pelvic bowl.


The sooner YOU realize you are not alone, the sooner you begin to heal.


Find freedom, joy and power in your female body.
It’s your time NOW!

My mission is to empower you through education. To inspire you to self heal by guiding you with my therapeutic techniques.

And to nourish your body and transform the way you breath, live and move…

“BE feminine fit and find more joy and pleasure in your female body”,


Susan Gala, LMT
Restorative Pilates
Feminine Fitness Within 
Women’s Pelvic Health throughout all stages of life!