Many women suffer with pelvic health issues whether
it’s pelvic pain or dysfunction.

The “missing link” in pelvic health is that most women suffer in silence, live in shame, and feel disconnected in their bodies.

ARE you told it’s all in your head? That’s why you are not healing.

The true path to heal pelvic health is by connecting your physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual body.

“Create harmony in your pelvis” is part 1 of my “Masterclass” series.

We will begin with:

“Kegels” are NOT Enough!

Now is the time to tone your inner core whether you’re in
Motherhood or Menopause…


LEARN why kegels can benefit or be detrimental to your pelvic health

DISCOVER how posture & breath affect your true core connection

EXPERIENCE how you can have a radiant body and vibrant health

“Create harmony in your pelvis” Masterclass


Tuesday, September 25th, 2018 at 1:00 PM EST

It’s complimentary.

IS this YOU?


Are you ready to bring awareness to those secret muscles
below your belly?


It’s YOUR time now, BE a radiant WOMAN!

My mission is to empower you through education. To inspire you to self heal by guiding you with my therapeutic techniques.

And to nourish your body and transform the way you breath, live and move…

“BE feminine fit and find more joy and pleasure in your female body”,


Susan Gala, LMT
Restorative Pilates
Feminine Fitness Within 
Women’s Pelvic Health throughout all stages of life!