“If you surrender to your essence, the whole world surrenders to you.” ~ Rumi

 photo Chakra-Chart1_zpsf924a84f.jpgWhen you hear the word “Chakra,” I’m curious, what do you think of? I know this may be foreign to some of you who are not used to Eastern thinking.

The chakras are the primary organs of your energy system that connect to your nervous system and emotions. Their location runs parallel to the immune system and form a link to your emotional and physical anatomy. They act as pathways that refine emotional and spiritual information to your cells.

Are you curious WHY I am discussing this subject? It is something very personal and close to my sacred purpose! I have suffered a very traumatic event and chronic pain in my pelvis. So the healer in me uses my intuition on how our emotions shape us when we are out of balance and not connected to our heart and pelvic core.

In Western medicine when we are ill, we are put through all kinds of medical testing, screening and meds, and sometimes the Doctors cannot find the answer.
Has your Doctor ever asked you, “how are you doing emotionally?” Have you ever suffered from a traumatic event? Traumatic childbirth, physical or emotional abuse, hysterectomy, fibroids, endometriosis, maybe abandonment? Are you stressed? Do you suffer from chronic pain? Have you had an accident, a death? Or have you experienced a natural disaster, hurricane or earthquake. What about 9/11?

Although you may not be able to speak your pain, your body will manifest it in many ways. If you keep your body in a state of emotional imbalance you ultimately shut down and become disconnected from your soul. When you understand your energergetic body it helps you sense a deeper awareness for exploring your feminine power.

 photo 1st_Chakra_zpsd34004e4.jpgLet’s explore where emotional pain manifests. It is in your pelvis, hips and legs, the bones and muscles that help you move forward. However, past & present emotional pain and trauma prevents you from moving forward. This can block the root chakra. The energy in the root correlates to our ability to feel grounded in nature and in our physical body to feel safe, secure and trusting. This is your survival and physical identity center. So there is a strong link between your physical well being and your emotional energy centers.

In a recent article I read, it said that “scientists are now able to measure the physiological effects of emotional states.” Your body actually becomes weaker or stronger depending on your emotional state. Shame holds the lowest vibration, followed by guilt, apathy, grief, fear, anxiety, anger and hate. Conversely, trust, optimism, willingness, acceptance, forgiveness, understanding, love, reverence, joy serenity and enlightenment strengthen you.

In my world, I have always traveled the holistic pathway. I invite you to experience the same. You have the power within you to create a vibrant life. There really is power in your pelvis! Once you decide to open up that pathway.

“There is joy in every day. I am balanced and free.” ~ Louise Hay