When we heal our physical body with our emotional body we unveil JOY.

Can YOU imagine walking through life not living upright. Not being able to see the world as one walks gracefully leading through HER heart.

 photo ShapePositionTensionSpine_zpsfa7eb567.jpegImagine seeing the world with a passionate heart & open soul & energetic core. Imagine walking in YOUR feminine power and presence.

Nurturing YOUR vitality is radical self-care for YOUR emotional, spiritual and physical feminine health. The central nervous system needs to expand and open up to the wave of breath to release emotion and help YOUR creative energy to free your pain.

So, let me ask you. Do you sit all day? Do you sense that you are sitting on your sacrum and tail bone? Perhaps, you are out of alignment. Do you feel STUCK in your pelvis?

Sitting destroys your energetic flow, it congests your primary organs, disrupts circulation and oxygen. It causes back pain, weak abdominal and pelvic core muscles, it can cause hip pain. Sitting on your lady parts affects your posture. Free flowing sacral energy lives in your hips. Are YOUR hips stagnant or free flowing?

YOU may ask why do I talk so much about healing. Sometimes in life we all need a healer. Although I am passionate about my sacred purpose of helping women heal their pelvic core and turn pain into power.

GUESS WHAT? I  have my own healer. I am just like you. I lived disconnected from my heart for a long time, and allowed my emotional trauma to take over my hips. My pelvis was stuck, I called it living in the “dead zone.” As your body shifts from defense to harmony, the body and mind will experience healing and growth. So recovery from trauma is vital for vibrant feminine health.

WHY ME? I was not in alignment with my heart. So my energetic flow was stagnant. I looked great on the outside, I am physically fit, but my inside was hurt. My chronic hip pain is the manifestation from all the emotional pain, trauma, resentment, abandonment I suffered from an armed robbery. I didn’t speak about it for years, now it has turned into degenerative arthritis in my pelvis, the cause of not letting go. Arthritis is bottled up HURT.

But NOW, my body is “free” from living in the “dead zone”. I am thrilled to be sharing my sacred gifts with YOU!

  • Are you ready to look deep inside  your feminine center where all life begins?
  • Are you ready to experience your pelvic power?
  • Are you ready to stop living in pain?

Don’t live your life with your eyes closed you have too much to give back to the world and to your families and communities.