Are you passionate about opening your heart and connecting to your body wisdom for what needs to be healed in your lifestyle, relationships and intimacy?

I have gathered together, Spiritual Guides, Intuitive Healers, Spirit Essence Healers, Spiritual Midwife, Womb Healers and a Transformational Coach, and asked them to share their vision and wisdom…

March 23 & March 24, 2016

The Embodied Wisdom Telesummit is filled with….

In these exclusive interviews our Speakers take you on a journey into their personal stories and share their transformation and sacred purpose.

Learn from experts who are committed to
help women heal, so collectively we can heal the earth we stand on.

I have personally selected our speakers who are passionate about helping you live an embodied lifestyle.

Tamara MacDowell
3/23 at 10 AM EST
Topic: A Spiritual Journey into Releasing Emotional Woundings of your Sacred Womb so you can Tap into her Wisdom & Power
More about Tamara HERE


Maureen O’Shaughnessy
3/23 at 11 AM EST
Topic: Recovering Joy
More about Maureen HERE

Topic: Recovering Joy
& Power


Lorin Purifoy
3/23 at 12 PM EST
Topic: Healing with Spirit Essences (energetics) and the Power of our Womb
More about Lorin HERE


Francine Vale
3/23 at 1 PM EST
Topic: Self-Empowerment for Women – Remember your soul – connect with your Soul
More about Francine HERE


Dr. Kell Morton
3/24 at 10 AM EST
Topic: What’s Your Unique Gift, That Humanity and the Planet Need More Than Ever, Right Now?
More about Dr. Kell HERE


Dr. Julie Krull
3/24 at 11 AM EST
Topic: The Soul of Healing
More about Dr. Julie HERE


Regina Huber
3/24 at 12 PM EST
Topic: Tap into Your Inner Power to Enhance Your Outer Presence
More about Regina HERE


Susan Gala
3/24 at 1 PM EST
Topic: Illuminate Your Inner Radiance
to Live Fully
More about Susan HERE


Tired of living in fear, pain and shame?

It’s time to HEAL your emotions to HEAL your body!

Join us on March 23 & March 24, 2016

Learn from the Experts and HEAL your body to ”Live Fully”