Holistic ways to heal your pelvic

floor, ease your pain and nourish your s.pirit

Below you will find various ways I can support you in restoring your vitality and well-being. Understand your body and reclaim your inner power. I will teach you how your body moves, how it heals and how emotional barriers interfere with healing.

Intro Workshop

Pelvic Care & Awareness [2-hour workshop]


Connect your breath with your abs, pelvic floor and back stabilizing muscles

 Restore, release and relax the pelvic floor with simple exercises

 Practice the core connection for standing, sitting, walking

 Align & balance your posture for functional movement

 Feminine self-care resources



My Signature ‘Feminine Fitness Within© [50-minute group class]

I will teach you how to connect with breath, pelvic floor and deep core muscles for a full body workout using small props.

Taught at your Yoga, Pilates, Doula, Midwife, PT clinics or studios.

Class limited to 10 participants
3 Month Commitment

Postpartum Core Recovery

[Four 2-hour sessions]

Helping new Moms safely heal their body and restore their pelvic health in postpartum. This is a re-education exercise class for new Moms 6 week postpartum. 

Class limited to 8 participants
Commitment 1-month 

Weekend Workshop

 One day workshop where women take a journey into
their physical & emotional pelvic health.


Anatomy of the pelvis, hips, lower back

Integrating your breath with abs, pelvic floor and back stabilizing muscles

 Restoring your pelvic floor through all stages of life

 Emotion and your pelvic floor, hips and back

 Correcting your foundation for all movement

 Learn the difference between hypertonic vs. hypotonic muscles

 Restore, Relax & Release therapeutic exercises


Fitness Program Consultation

Take Susan to your personal training, yoga or pilates session and I will advise you how to properly align your pelvis and use your deep core for movement. Or schedule a SKYPE session.

Feminine Fitness from Within©

5 DAY Certification Program Coming Soon!

Certification for Healthcare Professionals, Massage Therapists, Acupuncturists, Rolfers, Doulas, Midwives, experienced Pilates & Yoga instructors.

Private Sessions

Welcome Package

Please check back soon for more details!