Gala-1452Itʼs a beautiful boney sculpture in your sacred center and we all were created with it.

I know you are curious why I ask this question!

A few weeks ago I was introduced to a group of postpartum women. I stood up as always with my big bright crest smile and said, ” I am honored to be here, my name is Susan Gala, Iʼm a Pelvic Wisdom coach, I help women heal their core, unveil emotion and turn pain into pleasure.

OH my goodness I could not believe a women seated next to me was totally mortified and put her head in her lap. I think this is excitiing because no one else cares about your sacred center as much as I do..After we talked a bit I found out that she is pregnant..But how did that happen if she’s not interested about her sacred center?

Because their OBgynʼs are not trained to teach you about your pelvic core muscles for everyday living and the emotional traumas that effect your sacred center and have kept you disconnected from your body. They are trained in conventional health and are not hands on. PTʼs are trained in internal vaginal therapy and Iʼm a LMT and Holistic Pelvic Core therapist trained in integrative therapies that consist of several modalities, bodywork,myofascial release, movement, visualization, essential oil therapy for healing the pelvic core and trauma. I am not only hands-on but also hands-off. I successfully see clients/patients via SKYPE worldwide or in NYC.

A few little tips of how your “Pelvic Core” affects EVERYTHING YOU do:

YOUR POSTURE-when your pelvis is out of alignment it can cause lower back, hip pain and weaken the abdominal and pelvic core muscles
Long periods of SITTING affects your posture, pelvis, & pelvic core muscles
WEAK pelvic core muscles affect your bladder
STRONG pelvic core muscles creates more PLEASURE with your partner
STRONG pelvic core muscles benefits your body CONFIDENCE
AWARENESS of the mystical pain & disconnect in your sacred center will clear up when YOU make the decision to HEAL your body & HEAL your past traumas
YOU will TRANSFORM your inner and outer world when YOU decide to connect to your heart & core