I have been in deep contemplation of whether or not to share this video with YOU. I’ll be honest this is something so dear to me and yet so sad that women do not realize they have the ability to heal their pelvic core before accidents happen.

Here’s the video that came through my Twitter feed, FB feed and several emails the other day.

This is horrifying!

STUNNED: listen to the gynecologist who says “we need to invent something to help these women” and “I’m one of them” AND in her professional opinion it is “ok to pee!”

Excuse me while I just shake my head and say this is BS. So not true. I understand that these women want to feel strong and powerful. Nothing feels as sexy as knowing that you are stronger and fitter than a lot of women around you. So I to continue on this journey to support YOU to become stronger from the inside out.

Several years ago I created a Feminine Fitness program that focuses on the importance of the pelvic core for everyday lifestyle and vitality, and yes for SEX. I will be honest many people were shocked and stunned when they hear that I specialize in this sensitive subject and that I talk freely about the most important muscles of the human body – YOUR PELVIC CORE!

My program has NOTHING to do with Kegels. YOU cannot isolate the pelvic floor muscles. You see, when integrating the pelvic floor with the transversus, multifidus, and the diaphragm to connect synergistically, the pelvis will stabilize BEFORE movement. It’s all about maintaining the rhythm of diaphragmatic breathing with the entire pelvic core to optimize strength and power.

There are many exercises that place extreme or constant downward abdominal pressure that can weaken the pelvic floor and cause accidents. Remember YOU need to be stronger inside before you are stronger outside. YOU need to understand the location of these muscles and how they function for everyday movement to keep them strong, ALWAYS!

Does this mean that you cannot exercise? NO!

Movement heals and is key to keeping your pelvic core healthy. Understand that the pelvic core is essential for vitality.

The key ESSENTIALS to review before attempting exercises:

  1. Diaphratic Breathing: This is the type of breathing that synergistically integrates the abdominal area with the pelvic floor muscles. It causes the abdomen to bloom during inhalation and draws the pelvic floor muscles and its surrounding muscles up and in during exhalation.
  2. Pelvic & Lumbar Stability: The relationship of the pelvis and spine during movement to prevent injury.
  3. Simple Anatomy: Learn to identify, integrate and sense the muscles of the pelvic core for movement.
  4. Neutral Spine: Neutral position of the pelvis where the natural lordotic curve of the lumbar spine is present.
  5. Body Aware: Sensing what YOU should feel during movement.