Pilates “Hundreds,” Crunches, V-sits, Sit-ups and double leg
lifts can be dangerous for your pelvic core.

So I say, “learn how to be totally transversed!”

Spring is in the air and we are peeling off our layers of clothing and want to feel freedom in our body. So every magazine cover claims it’s secret for flat abs. For most of us this is one of our goals. The problem is most of the abdominal exercises are practiced WRONG and can be DANGEROUS.

So the good news is I am going to tell YOU to STOP practicing The Pilates “hundreds,” crunches, v-sits, sit-ups, double leg lifts. YES, THEY ARE BAD FOR YOU. I cringe when a friend tells me they just finished 200 crunches and can’t understand why they have back and neck pain and no chance of having stronger or even flatter abs… AND I ask “How do you feel”? Ironically, I always receive the same answer, Susan, I never feel my abs get stronger…

Is this happening to you in your fitness classes or your workout with your personal trainer?

  1. YOU push yourself to keep up
  2. YOU hold your breath when you should be exhaling
  3. YOU can’t engage your pelvic floor muscles while practicing an exercise
  4. YOU are Leaking during crunches, walking, running, or jumping in aerobic classes, intimacy is painful or non-existant
  5. YOU are not coached on how to co-connect the back, tranversus, diaphragm and pelvic core


The pelvic floor muscles co-connect deep in the core to regulate the internal pressure in the abdominal cylinder along with the back, transversus and breathing muscles (diaphragm).

Here is what is ideal: the muscles of the core are co-connected: as load is placed on the spine, the pelvic floor muscles lift up, the abdominal and back muscles draw in to support the spine and it is easy to breathe. Example: If YOU lift a weight and hold your breath without engaging the pelvic floor muscles, this may place excessive pressure downward on the pelvic floor. Than stress is placed on the bladder, bowel and uterus in women and may result in a weakening of the pelvic floor.

Same as if you do a crunch and press your spine flat to the mat and try to lift up, your belly rises to the ceiling causing downward abdominal pressure.

So wouldn’t you want to minimize pressure on the pelvic floor? It is the most intimate part of YOU!

Here’s HOW to STABILIZE the core

FIRST, Learn how to find the tranversus muscle.The TA muscle is the deepest core muscle, it wraps around the waist horizontally like corset, it reshapes your waist, cinches it in and gives you those lovely curves… (see photo:the yellow muscle is the transversus, it’s the deepest core muscle). By activating this muscle it will help in co-connecting the back and pelvic floor while breathing diaphramatically.

When this muscle is unstable your abdominals will feel weak, your back may ache,and your pelvic floor cannot connect properly.


1. Sitting, Standing, Walking, Playing
2. Improving your balance
3. Aligning your spine and maintaining posture
4. C-sections, Diastis Recti & Post Partum Wellness
5. All daily & physical activities and of course those intimate moments!

I can guide you how to embrace your body and re-connect with movement that will help you heal and restore the deepest part of YOU!

So, Imagine being able to walk with grace, dance in your feminine rhythm, and embrace your sensuality… Movement heals are you ready to begin this journey?