I am sharing with you the first ever “Conscious Women’s Telesummit,” a FREE online gathering of women creating a new model of living a conscious, sensually awakened life, full of vigor and passionate relationships.

Hmmm, wondering WHY I’m sharing this?  Well, yours truly is a featured speaker at the event this Monday, September 24 at 7:00PM EST and I am personally inviting YOU to the possibilities of awakening your senses and enhancing your awareness.

Each featured participant is going to be a little vulnerable and will share our own personal journeys that led us to be more attuned to our true selves.

You might be wondering what topic I will be covering…? You guessed it!  The crucial importance of the Pelvic Core!

You know how passionate I am about the PELVIS.  The pelvis is the seat of our soul where birth, passion, creativity and our emotions live.

From the womb, babies emerge with a number of natural senses that are essential to life.  We gather our information about our world from sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell and all our emotional and sensory perceptions.  In our current culture, as we age, we have been trained to associate sensuality with sex, frequently causing unconscious repression, mistrust and denial of our emotions, insights and self-esteem.

Why resist this FREE opportunity to reawaken this necessary key to your true self and potential?

Join me as I discuss healing emotional blocks that can trap sensuality, not sex.  Learn how to embrace femininity in a personal way that is authentic to YOU.

Enjoy learning from these ten respected speakers as they share their personal victories and explain how they:

  • Struggled with fear, self-doubt and shame about sensuality
  • Healed emotional and energetic blocks to sensuality
  • Created more fulfilling relationships with lovers, family and friends
  • Reinvented themselves after past abuse and rekindled their passion for life
  • Embraced sensuality and femininity in a way that was authentic to each of them

 Just click here for more information or follow this link to sign up and get connected to join the conversation!