DSC00197When was the last time you really took a moment to sense the fragrance of spring, the aroma of healing oils or the dinner that you are cooking?

I’m talking about sensing your BREATH!

Breathing is the wave of life and yet we sometimes forget to take a moment to embrace its sensation.
Breathing nourishes and cleanses the body, it begins and ends life. It is the work of your respiratory system. Breath has the power to calm the mind, turn chaos into calm, heal your pain and provides energy to keep you moving.

Since breathing triggers emotions imagine what it would feel like if you could stimulate your emotion by your breath because the body thrives on good emotions and weakens with stress. What do you sense when you are stressed, is your breath shallow? When you are laughing, do you sense a relaxed breathing vibration? When you are feeling sad, does your breath feel heavy? What do you sense when you are grieving?

Imagine ME being Vulnerable?

Craigslist 6 records cabinet ice shield 90th bday party 006Lately, I experienced this heaviness since my mother’s passing a few weeks ago. A sudden wave of pain has been hovering in my heart space. I have taken the time for self-care. Honoring that this is what my body is asking for. I sit and enjoy reading a book, relaxing in my garden, taking a river walk, exploring new parks, going for a bike ride. This is what allows my body calm. What I have learned from this experience is that my Mother has gifted me in many ways and I feel the sacredness of the memories. My heart beats like hers ~ we descend from the same lineage of women who kept the fires burning. I AM my Mother’s Daughter.

In these moments I remember what my body senses and is holding on to when I truly listen. This is when I practice heart, belly & womb breath.

Below I will guide you through a simple practice of Breathe work.


Find a quiet space whether it is your home, garden, a bench close to a river, the ocean or park. Light a candle if you are home and listen to soft music.

  • Place one hand on your heart and the other on your womb. Listen to the wave of energy, begin to inhale through your nose and take a deep exhalation through your mouth using sounds. I like the sound a AHH.
  • On your inhale allow your heart to expand and your belly & womb to bloom. On your exhale allow your heart to slowly sense calm and your belly to flow inward like a bud.
  • Practice inhaling on 3counts and exhaling on 5 counts. Practice this several times until you sense a warm vibration of energy in your body.

Breath embodies power and provides support for movement. The breath is initiated deep inside your core and it lightens the pelvis where movement begins. If used consciously it can help tone your deep core muscles, align your spine, stabilize your pelvis, strengthen your pelvic core muscles and move energy in all directions. Your breath stimulates movement, energy & emotion. Conscious breathing during exercise can bring up emotions that need to be released, once released your will sense healing throughout your body.

A Call to Healing

I invite you to deepen the connection of your breath and explore its sensation to help align your body. It will nourish your vitality. If you sense a lack of energy this is a call to connect to your heart & core and experience the benefits of living in harmony with your body.

Are YOU ready to begin your healing journey? I have openings for private sessions via SKYPE.

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