Helping Woman Reclaim their Pleasure and Power 

My Story

What I know to be true is when you heal your body story you become radiant, present and alive in your body. 

After overcoming a traumatic attack that left my body in an unpleasant state. I decided help other women heal and overcome female pain and pelvic health dysfunction through self-care practices and techniques.

 My calling is to teach woman to naturally restore their body
and live a radiant life…

I am blessed to share my pelvic wisdom with you!

With all my education, experience and healing what I know for sure is that if you don’t heal from a traumatic event, the emotional pain will continue to turn your life and body into physical chaos.

We heal the world when we heal ourselves

I have a diverse background in Women’s Health, Healing and Wellness. I have worked with women in a variety of settings, Pilates & Yoga studios, Fitness Clubs, PT Clinics, Events, Retreats & Workshops and Privately in my own practice.

Pilates:Former owner of Gala Pilates. Certified in STOTT Pilates and has been practicing for over 20 yrs.  Teaching both privates, classes and workshops.

Yoga: I have studied and practiced yoga for over 35yrs. for personal well-being, vitality and longevity.

Bodywork: I am trained as a Licensed Massage Therapist. Certified in myo-facial release therapy, abdominal/belly massage and essential oils for healing.

Pelvic Care and Pain Relief: I am certified in Integrative Pelvic Core techniques,The  Female Pelvis and its Cycles of life, Womb Healing and Pelvic Pain Relief. I offer a hands off techniques to heal, restore and ease pain in your pelvic floor throughout all stages of life. Private, Group  and Remote sessions are available.


Your Journey

I would be honored to support you on your path to heal and nourish your sacred body.
So that you can restore your health and vitality as a Radiant Woman.



Licensed Massage Therapist: Swedish Institute of Health Sciences
Integrative Techniques for Pelvic Core: Herman & Wallace
The Female Pelvis & Cycles of Life: Dr. Eden Fromberg &Tom Myers, LMT
Therapeutic Essential Oils for Healing: GailSmith Valente, LMT
Womb Awakening/Womb Healing: Dr. Azra Bertrand
Pelvic Pain Relief: Isa Herrera, MSPT, CSCS
STOTT Pilates