Have you ever been told to “Shhh” don’t talk about your story?

Did your fear keep you living in shame and disconnected from your body?

Every Pelvis or Womb has a story and what happened to your pelvis/vagina effects your entire body and vitality. Now is the time to unravel your story and reignite the power and wisdom of your sacred center to feel alive again.

If you do not feel good in your body how will you feel connected in your personal and intimate relationships?

 Your womb is your gateway for:
rebirth, creativity, intuition, passion, pleasure, desire, support

Your body is energy, so it’s important to heal your body, mind and spirit. During trauma your brain sends signals to your pelvis during flight, fright and freeze which effects your entire body.

If trauma hasn’t been healed your body will hold pain in the pelvis, lower back and hips. Often women suffer from sexual pain. When you feel disconnected it’s time to simply move and get to know your body.

Let’s explore ways to connect back to your body.

 Your Physical Body

A. Movement

Simple movement creates more energy in your body. Try stretching, Pilates, or yoga. Nourish your body with massage or acupuncture

B. Breathe

Your breath is connected to your voice and your yoni. During trauma the voice becomes trapped and it constricts and causes tension to your pelvic floor muscles which attributes to sexual pain. It’s takes a conscious breath to relieve this pain. Find a quiet space, lay down on a comfortable blanket place one hand on your heart and the other on your belly inhale through your nose, exhale out through your mouth. Listen to your breath, allow your belly to bloom and your breath to unfold tension.

C. Talk

Yes, listen to your body. Ask questions and journal how you feel. What part of your body feels numb? Do you feel hot or cold? Where do you feel pain? How can you make change and create dialog with your healing journey?

D. Grounding

Take a walk barefoot in the grass to feel rooted and supported to Mother Earth. Recovering and healing your root is healing your 1st chakra where support begins. 

Your Emotional Body 

I find that women who have been abused have lost touch with feeling and sensation. Their body shows their story.

How do you move your body? What does your posture feel like?  Or look like? Is it rigid or relaxed? Releasing emotions will free your body. Freeing your body will bring back aliveness, desire and pleasure.

The 2nd Chakra is the sacral chakra, it’s all about connection, feeling, sensation and pleasure. Take an injury into your womb wisdom to unravel the emotions buried from pain. Healing these wounds are necessary to nurture your power, pleasure, compassion, awareness.

Here are some powerful ways to heal:

  1. Womb Healing: helps you experience whole body healing, connects you back to the wisdom and power of your womb, relaxes your physical and emotional tension, returns you to your truth, passions and sensuality, allows you to feel alive and radiant, heals your deepest wounds, creates feminine vitality.
  2. EMDR Therapy: Integrative psychotherapy that’s very effective for trauma
  3. NSA Healing: Network Spinal Analysis helps release life tension and trauma from the spine and nervous system.

Your Spirit Body

Feminine Self-Care
Nourish your feminine Spirit and create more vitality and wellness in your sacred body by practicing Yoni Steams. It’s a powerful way to heal, transform and connect to your spirit.

Yoni steams have been practiced for centuries around the world. Its gentle, effective, supportive and a powerful way for a woman to connect back to her ROOT.

The steam helps:

  • Soothe and nourish your womb
  • Rejuvenate and heal after birth
  • Reduce menstrual cramps, fibroids, endometriosis
  • Ease vaginal dryness, heal painful sex, lingering effects of female cancers

I now offer “Virtual” Steams monthly between the Full Moon and New Moon. You may join group healing sessions or private sessions. Next session begins October 26th. Connect with me and save your spot. 

Everything you need: your compassion, confidence, love,
strength, and power is in your womb waiting to rebirth…


Susan Gala, LMT
Women’s Health Specialist
Womb Wisdom Coach
Pilates for Women 50+