Educational Workshop on Women’s Pelvic Health & Intimacy throughout all stages of life. Combing physical and energetic tools to restore and balance your pelvis. How well do you know your Pelvic Floor? Is vitality, well-being and intimacy important to you? Than, let me show you how to re-connect to the most essential part of your female body.. Most women are not familiar with their vulva, vagina, or pelvises, and are unaware of pelvic imbalances. Women tend to suffer silently because they are not aware of pelvic care prevention. In this intimate gathering I will teach the importance of the pelvic floor, psoas, lower back and hip health for vitality and longevity. I will teach you how to integrate the intimate relationship of function for strength and release. This will help you adapt to your daily routines and physical activities. And I will inform you of what happens to your vagina as you age. Through body mapping the anatomy, experiential exercise and breath work. You will re -align and balance your body for better posture, presence, confidence and the vitality of your female body throughout all stages of life..

3 hour Introductory Group Workshop

For experienced Pilates & Yoga instructors

3 Day Group Workshop

For Licensed Health Professionals, doulas ,midwives, nurses, massage therapists..

Private 1-1

3 month program Host the workshop in your favorite city! Privates are also available via SKYPE worldwide.

Private 1:1 Pelvic Care Bodywork

NYC & Hoboken

Ease pain, open your breath and balance your pelvis. The pelvis is thefoundation of your body, the place where all movement begins. During your session we focus on integrating pelvic alignment, breathwork and fascial release with therapeutic exercise. So that you can restore stability, posture and movement s you walk away with renewed confidence. This work helps women through postpartum and beyond to release physical and emotional barriers that interfere with women’s feminine embodiment.

“Sacred Femme” Breath

Heal the power of your feminine energy through breath.

Have you ever had the feeling that your breath was taken away? During trauma your breath becomes stagnant and shuts down your vital energy pathway from voice, heart to womb. Your breath has the power to open up your womb energy when you tune into its magic. I will teach you how your sacred anatomy is all connected and how trauma has the ability to make your vagina angry. I will gently guide you to release emotional pain and restore the connection between these vital energy centers. It’s time to reclaim the healing power of you feminine energy, it will change how you feel personally and in your intimate relationships.

Private 1:1 Gathering

Up to 33 women in NYC or Host me in your city