3 Hour Live Gathering

NYC or your City

Are you are ready to release shame, fear and inner turmoil? Than, it’s time to “Nourish your Feminine Soul.” Join my sacred gathering where you will release inhibitions, soften your presence, connect to your body wisdom to gracefully unwind. Be part of a Sister-circle where I will create a sacred space for YOU to experience feeling nourished,empowered and transformed with the intention to:

  • Heal your emotions to heal your body
  • Connect deeply to your feminine core wisdom
  • Gently unravel the layers that block your energy
  • Practice sensual movement to explore JOY & pleasure
  • Tune into your inner well of wisdom, radiance & presence

Mystical Femme

Monthly sister-circle during “New Moon”

A place to heal & transform during the “New Moon” We’ll gather together in a sacred circle during the rhythm of the new moon to invoke magic and mystical blessings as we re-connect to nature. Together in community we’ll create through celebration, ceremony, and crafting inspired by rituals and our own inspiration and intuition. Collectively we will heal our stories, transform our fears, with love, support and inspiration….to celebrate new friendships with love, intention and devotion. This sacred circle is for us to remember who we are while we embody the wise ways of the feminine. Do you hear the call of sisterhood? I invite you to experience the sacredness when woman come together. Our intimate circle of 13 women is powerful.