RADIANT LIVING Breath Meditation {audio download}

Are you ready to make changes that will help
restore your intimacy, well-being and vitality?

So that you can feel joy & pleasure in your body and finally feel at home.

Then I can help you

Restore, Release & Relax the pelvic floor throughout all stages of life.

Connect to your deep core muscles for alignment, balance, posture and

Tune into your inner well of womb wisdom for more power, pleasure and presence.

Explore gentle movement practices that will help you heal and create body awareness.

Reclaim your female body for intimacy, well-being and vitality in all your relationships.

Heal the lingering effects of trauma and loss, recover from post-partum, relieve tenderness in your womb, resolve pelvic pain and help reduce symptoms of menopause.

I’m here to support you!

Hello, I’m Susan Gala, a women’s health specialist who has the passion to empower women to explore their pelvic wisdom. I educate and inspire woman to breath, feel, move and reclaim their inner power.

My calling is to teach women to naturally restore their body and live a radiant life.



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I invite you to explore your female body so that you can feel more joy and pleasure.
Discover my holistic solutions to restore your pelvic core, ease pain and nourish your spirit.

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